How I Finished My First Marathon

Shelley's DiaryIt’s been about a week since the California International Marathon, and it’s still positively surreal to me. I actually ran a marathon!

And I finished!

One year ago, this wasn’t even something I was considering. I was planning my 2017 race schedule, including at least 3-4 half marathons, but a marathon was not even a glimmer of a thought.

Nowhere in the plan. At all.

And now, I am a marathoner.

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Marathon Training and My Theory about Tapering

Shelley's DiaryWell, all of the long runs of my marathon training are done. The hay is in the barn, as my coach said. (apparently that’s the thing to say after marathon training is complete!) I did my first official 20 mile race last weekend.

And I think I’ve discovered why there is a taper between long runs and the marathon

My theory is that it’s kind of like childbirth. Continue reading “Marathon Training and My Theory about Tapering”

More Adventures in Marathon Training

Shelley's DiaryKeeping the long runs interesting in one’s hometown can be challenging. Especially when you live in a “big little city” where the long run takes you from one end of town to the other.

And I learned a lesson this past weekend. Continue reading “More Adventures in Marathon Training”

What should I eat before I run?

what should I eat before I run?What should I eat before I run? It’s an important question to answer. What and when you eat before a run can make a huge difference in how you feel during the run.

Too much of the wrong thing, too soon before the run, can make you feel sick; while too little of anything can leave you with low energy. Either scenario makes completing the run more challenging than it needs to be.

It’s a lot of trial and error. And it’s very personal. Continue reading “What should I eat before I run?”

Week 3 of Marathon Training: The Hills Are Alive

Shelley's DiaryThe hills are alive…just ask my calves, quads and glutes!

Hills played a large part in this week of marathon training. This was in part by design and in part due to my neighborhood geography! Continue reading “Week 3 of Marathon Training: The Hills Are Alive”

Week Two of Marathon Training


Week Two of Marathon Training


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Week Two of marathon training was much like Week One, with a side of adventure and surprise! Continue reading “Week Two of Marathon Training”

Marathon Training: Week One

Shelley's DiaryWell, here we go! Who would have believed, when I started running in 2012, that I’d ever want to run a marathon? Certainly not me. Not even after running my first half marathon, which had also seemed out of reach for me.

But this year, for whatever reason possessed me, I decided it was time to make the marathon a goal. I chose the California International Marathon in December for several reasons; not the least of which include the opportunity to train with some awesome running coaches, and with friends who are also running their first marathon.

So here we are, 3 months away, and already through the first official week of training. Here’s how Week 1 went.

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