Gift Guide for Runners

gift guideLooking for last-minute gift ideas for the runner on your list?

We conducted an informal social media survey to find out what’s at the top of runners’ lists this year. Here’s what we found out: Continue reading “Gift Guide for Runners”

The Great American Smokeout: “Training Day” for Quitting Smoking

Great American Smokeout - Training DayMark Twain famously said, “Giving up smoking is easy. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

As a former smoker, I can relate. I don’t remember how many times I quit. But I would never consider those times “failures”. They were learning opportunities.

“Training,” if you will, for the day it would finally stick.

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What should I eat before I run?

what should I eat before I run?What should I eat before I run? It’s an important question to answer. What and when you eat before a run can make a huge difference in how you feel during the run.

Too much of the wrong thing, too soon before the run, can make you feel sick; while too little of anything can leave you with low energy. Either scenario makes completing the run more challenging than it needs to be.

It’s a lot of trial and error. And it’s very personal. Continue reading “What should I eat before I run?”

Running In the Dark

running in the darkAhhh, fall weather is upon us. Some might say it’s the perfect running weather.

But the days are shorter.

If you’re an early morning runner, that means it’s still dark when your feet hit the pavement. And if you’re an evening runner, the sun may have set before you even get off of work. No matter what time of day, depending on where you run, the dark can be, well, a little scary.

Here are some tips to help you feel safe when running in the dark. Continue reading “Running In the Dark”

The ABC’s of Foam Rolling

abc's of foam rollingThe foam roller has been touted by runners as both friend and foe. And they seem harmless enough. Some of them resemble a short, fat swimming pool noodle, while others look a bit more ominous.

But what does it do? When and how should it be used?

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How To Breathe While Running

how to breathe while running I’ve never really worried about how to breathe while running. I mean, come on – it’s breathing. It’s a natural process. Sure, it becomes more pronounced while running, but I never thought about whether I was doing it right.

That is, until this summer.

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Two Exercises To Help Prevent Injury

two exercises to help prevent injuryIf you’ve ever had a running injury, you may have wondered how (besides not running!) you could have prevented the injury. The answer often lies in strengthening and stretching; specifically targeting glutes and hips. (Say it with me…glutes and hips…glutes and hips…)

Coach Lauren Evans shared these two targeted exercises that take only a few moments, but can go a long way in preventing injury.

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