“The key to life…is to just keep moving.” – Tyler Perry

A few years ago, the following version of ”simple physics” was cited on a drug advertisement:

“A body at rest tends to stay at rest; while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.”

I don’t even remember what drug they were advertising, but the message resonated with me. I felt the need to just keep moving.

That’s what LIFE UP AND RUNNING is all about; inspiration to keep moving

Hi, I’m Shelley. I’m happily married, have raised two children, and work as an executive assistant. I am not a health nut, a gym rat or a cardio bunny. I’m just someone who decided in my mid forties to start taking better care of myself, after more than 20  years as a smoker. Then, after about a year as a nonsmoker, I thought I’d give running a try. And in a relatively short time, it went from a fair-weather Saturday morning pastime to a permanent lifestyle. Here is a little more about my introduction to running.

I’m definitely not a fast runner. I have learned some things the hard way. I’ve had some injuries. Some embarrassments. Lots of frustrations. I question myself and my abilities. All.The.Time.

But because of running, I’ve made some new lifelong friends. I’ve seen some beautiful and interesting locations I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I feel healthier at 50 than I was at 30.

And I thank God for every mile I’m able to keep moving.

This is a space for stories, anecdotes, inspiration and advice. Whatever your “movement of choice” may be, I hope you find inspiration and encouragement in these pages, and that you will share your stories, too!

Please comment below. Or drop me a line at shelley@lifeupandrunning.com.

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