Gift Guide for Runners

gift guideLooking for last-minute gift ideas for the runner on your list?

We conducted an informal social media survey to find out what’s at the top of runners’ lists this year. Here’s what we found out: Continue reading “Gift Guide for Runners”

How I Finished My First Marathon

Shelley's DiaryIt’s been about a week since the California International Marathon, and it’s still positively surreal to me. I actually ran a marathon!

And I finished!

One year ago, this wasn’t even something I was considering. I was planning my 2017 race schedule, including at least 3-4 half marathons, but a marathon was not even a glimmer of a thought.

Nowhere in the plan. At all.

And now, I am a marathoner.

How did that happen? Continue reading “How I Finished My First Marathon”