Week Two of Marathon Training


Week Two of Marathon Training


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Week Two of marathon training was much like Week One, with a side of adventure and surprise!

Speed Work

After a day of rest on Monday, it was time for Tuesday’s speed work Coach Erik had us do what he called 4-3-2-1’s….the drill is 1600 meters, then 1200, then 800, then at least 2 x 400, each with progressively greater effort.

New Running Buddy

The next day called for an easy two-mile run and some strength training. Wednesday is one of my days to run with the pups, and this I did. The only difference this time was, I went out with two and came home with three!

New Running Buddy

This little guy was trotting along the sidewalk on Seventh Street, a fairly busy street. He stopped to check us out and started back on his merry way. I knew the thunderstorms  we’d been having had frightened several neighborhood pets, possibly this is what had happened with him. He seemed very ragged, his fur really tangled and muddy. I watched him for a moment to see if he would make a turn into a driveway, perhaps his home? But he didn’t. He kept on his way. I’ve seen a pup lose its life on that busy street, so I just couldn’t bring myself to leave this little one. It was too early to call Animal Services, so the only solution was to see if the dog would run along with us and hopefully find his way back to his home on the way to ours.

We were a good mile and a half from my house, and I really didn’t expect him to stay with us. I walked fast at first, then picked up the pace. He seemed to like the idea of this new adventure and stuck by Milo on every turn, across every street, until we got to our driveway. I was fairly impressed. And he was fairly thirsty

He spent the day as our guest, and his family took him home after seeing our notice on social media.

Hill Repeats and Llamas

Tempo run on Thursday was a three-mile run with hill repeats in the middle. Uphill six times with increasing exertion, then back down the hill easy to rest up for the next take-off. Then, one more up and down before heading back.

Week Two of Marathon Training

As we ran back to our starting point, we apparently interrupted this llama’s breakfast. It seemed slightly annoyed by the sight of us passing, one by one. I trust that it was happy to finish its breakfast in peace once the final runners passed by.

Travel Running

I traveled to a blogging conference in Portland and missed my usual Friday morning run. Saturday was the day for a six-mile run. I had reached out to one of the conference attendees, as I knew from her writing that she was a runner, too. She was game for running with me. I didn’t realize until later that she was one of the VIP’s and mentors and would, herself, be quite busy. Nonetheless, she met me in the hotel lobby at 5:30 Saturday morning.

I had mapped out what I thought was a fairly easy route that would take us across four of Portland’s bridges on the Willamette River. My tech skills are still lacking, I guess, because I thought I had emailed the route to my phone, but the link just took me back to the map app without the route. As we headed out to the farthest bridge of the four, we got a bit turned around in the dark of the unfamiliar streets. We ended up crossing only two of the four bridges, navigating our way through various streets and encampments, then heading back to the hotel. We logged 3.8 miles, then I finished the additional 2.2 on the hotel treadmill. Here’s my Fitbit screenshot.Week Two of Marathon Training


I learned later in the weekend that the hotel actually offers a map with a running route for its guests. I had to laugh when I looked at the map. It outlines essentially the same route we took, but directs runners to the other two bridges of the four I had planned. And the length of the route? 3.8 miles.

Week Two of Marathon Training


Lessons learned during this week’s training: You never know who or what you will meet on the run. And if you’re planning to run while traveling, it’s a good idea to check with your hotel for information on local running routes!

What sorts of surprises have you encountered on the run? Please comment below

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