Run, Brunch and Bloody Mary’s

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I can’t believe I slept in this morning! Well, I don’t know why I can’t believe it – I stayed up last night binge-watching Ozark with my son. (and it was the second time for me, so how silly is that?) I didn’t get to bed until after midnight. That used to be the norm for me, by the way, but not since I’ve started running!

Anyway, I had planned to go to the monthly Run ’n Brunch with Desert Sky Adventures. Around 3 a.m. Milo woke me up growling at some unseen presence (whether it was inside or outside, human, animal or spirit, I don’t know and didn’t ask!) He didn’t seem keen on going after whatever it was, but warned it away from our bedroom.

I next awoke a few minutes after 8 a.m., which was a few minutes after the Run ’n Brunch started. I texted my regrets to a couple of friends, and decided to try a new neighborhood route I had spotted. It turned out to be a shorter-than-usual run for me and the pups, but that was fine with us at the morning sun beat down on us. Here’s this morning’s Fitbit screenshot:

The week has been status quo…getting up Monday and Wednesday to run with my friend B and our pups. We ran a couple of our usual routes, and even with our socializing and necessary pup-stops, we seem to be picking up our pace a bit. But the main thing is that we’re getting up and getting out there.

Last Sunday was the Reno 10-Miler, which I used as my long run in training for my upcoming half marathon. It was a really good race for me. The hills at our university are no joke. But I felt really good and strong almost the entire race.

Toward the last mile or so, I noticed my hand swelling. This had happened to me only once before, at the Rock Tahoe Half Marathon earlier this summer. Google research assured me that this issue probably had more to do with the heat than anything else. I don’t anticipate heat being an issue at the Giant Race next week. But I plan to stay hydrated and keep my hands and fingers moving during my run in hopes it will prevent the swelling And maybe I won’t run with my wedding ring, just in case.

After the race, I enjoyed breakfast and post-race Bloody Mary’s with friends!

post 10-miler bloody mary's

Looking forward to getting some runs, and hopefully some cross-training, in this coming week. Next weekend will be the beginning of my vacation, starting with the Giant Race and ending with two days at Disneyland, including the Disneyland 10K.

And after that, marathon training officially begins!

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