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I gotta say, I’m a little nervous about having committed to my first marathon when I’m struggling to make it a few miles these days! Then again, I have to remember: it’s really hot and everyone is struggling. So the best I can do is just keep moving. We’ll all be better for it when the weather starts to cool.

Meanwhile, here are the Fitbit screenshots from my last few runs. Right now I’m training for a couple of races; the upcoming Reno 10-Miler, and the Giant Race Half Marathon two weeks after that. So I’m trying to work the mileage up on weekends. As you can see, though, the runs were few and far between the last couple of weeks due to both the heat and the wildfires.

fitbit 7.9.17fitbit 7.12.17fitbit 7.14.17

fitbit 7.15.17fitbit 7.22.17Fitbit 7.23.17 3.09

No matter. The best part is that I get to run with good friends. (and the slower we run, the more we get to catch up!) ¬†Seriously though, I’ll never stop saying it: running folks are the best folks!

In addition, I did throw in a dreadmill session for good measure! (see how well THAT went here!)

Fitbit Screenshot 7.19.17

Oh! And I can’t forget to mention my free pair of shoes! As a regular at the weekly store runs at Reno Running Company, you earn a point for every store run you attend. Gifts are earned at certain milestones…first a shirt, then socks, then a gift card. At 50 runs, you get a pair of shoes! After the store run this past Sunday, I checked in to see where I was. I was at 52! Hooray for a new pair of shoes!

It’s been a few years since I’ve had a gait analysis, so I hopped on to the treadmill. The evaluation was about the same; I tend to over pronate, so Noah recommended a shoe with some stability, like the Nike Lunarglides I’ve been wearing the last few years. I’ve been very brand- and style-loyal up until their last model – they still feel great, but I’m not as crazy about the tread. Not as long-lasting as previous models. So Noah brought out other options for me to try, and was very patient. He encouraged me to try each pair out on the treadmill as many times as I needed to feel good about a decision.

The winner: ¬†New Balance 860v7. I’m anxious to break them in!

New Shoes from Reno Running Company

How is your summer running going? Let me hear from you in the comments.

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