Treadmill Interval Training – Walk Before you Run (and maybe get comfortable with both before you sprint!)

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Hahahahahaha…..oh, my goodness, let me tell you about my first treadmill interval training!

As I shared in a previous post, with the high temperatures and intermittent smoke-infused atmosphere of the high desert summer, I was inspired to seek out ways to make the treadmill not so dread-ful. I shared a link to a sample workout I had found, and said I was looking forward to trying it. And I was. Truly.

Today I had the opportunity. The air quality index ranged between unhealthy and hazardous. (Evidently Northern Nevada is surrounded by wildfires). Instead of exposing my dogs and myself to the haze, I saved my run for after work and ventured indoors to the treadmill. I hopped on to the belt with confidence, turned up my running playlist, pulled the workout to my phone screen and started ‘er up.

One minute of walking at 3 mph. No problem. I usually go right into an easy run, but whatever.

Three minutes of jogging at 5 mph. My comfortable running pace. All good.

One minute of running at 6 mph. Okay, pushing a little, I like it.

But then…

Thirty seconds of sprinting at 8.5 mph. Sounds easy enough, right?


Wow, that seems pretty fast.

Gee, shouldn’t the thirty seconds be up by now?


I think I almost did thirty seconds, but I had my hand on the button to quickly lower the pace back down to 6 mph for another minute. But instead of stopping at 6, I kept turning it down…back down to the 3.5 mph fast walk.

That’s not what the plan called for, but it’s what my body called for. I did about 2 minutes of a recovery walk, then went back to the plan and turned it back up to a minute of 6 mph. Then I attempted another 30 seconds of 8.5 mph.

I’m not sure I made it 20 seconds. Brought it back down to 3.5 mph.

Maybe I’m not ready for this particular plan! I wasn’t even 10 minutes into it and it was kicking my butt!

So I improvised the rest. I went between my comfortable 5 mph pace and 3.5 mph fast walk.

As much as I do not enjoy the treadmill, I’m pretty proud of myself for working at it until I reached 3 miles. That’s what I would have run this morning if the air had been cleaner.

Here’s my Fitbit screen shot of the workout.Fitbit Screenshot 7.19.17

I think I’ll write up my own treadmill workout, and maybe work my way up to that 8.5 mph pace.

How do you keep treadmill workouts interesting? I’d love to see your suggestions and comments!


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