Global Running Day

Happy Global Running Day!

Global Running Day 2017

The first Wednesday in June is Global Running Day, which is a day for people all over the world to celebrate running. The idea is to share your passion for running and to inspire others to keep moving.

Just Run

So how do you celebrate Global Running Day? How else … by running! Just run. Wherever you want. As far as you want. With whomever you want.

Global Running Day
Make a Pledge

If you want to be more formal about it and find out more information about the global initiative, you can make a pledge to run here. The only information requested is your first name, how far you plan to run and what is inspiring you to run. That’s it. You can even create a personalized bib if you want.

Fundraising Option

And although you are under no obligation, there are also links to fundraise for your favorite charities through Charity Miles and Crowd Rise. I am downloading the Charity Miles app as I write this, and plan to start using my miles to raise money for great charities such as the ASPCA, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and more.

I’ll be celebrating Global Running Day by running about 3 miles with my pups. My inspiration is to stay healthy and keep moving.

What’s your inspiration? Who will you run with today?  Maybe today will be your first day of running? Or your first day back after a break? I’d love to hear about your celebration! Please share your Comments.

Happy Running!

Author: Shelley English

Shelley is a wife and mom who loves to spend her time running and writing.

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