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It was an overcast morning and humid for Reno. A little rain was in the forecast for later today, which would be nice before the high temps this weekend. I must have been feeling pretty good, because I missed the turn on to my own street! The funny thing was that M&M and I were humming along, and I acknowledged the corner, thinking, “I always think this is it and it isn’t”. Luckily I realized at the next corner that yes, that was it!

Here’s the Fitbit snapshot from this morning’s run.

Wednesday Wandering

Reno-Tahoe Odyssey

This will probably be my last run before the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey this weekend. It will be my fourth  RTO, and first year as Team Captain. Our original captain bailed out mid-season, and I must say our team has worked together and come up with everything we need, and in fairly short order! Our team name this year is Hoof Hearted.  Say it out loud. (I never said we were mature!)  One of our team mates designed our team shirts and even got a sponsor to pay for them! (shout out to Bison Construction! Thank you!!)

We’re looking forward to our first actual team meeting the evening before the race. A few are coming from out-of-state and some will be meeting others for the first time! And that’s part of the fun and spirit of the RTO, meeting other runners and working as a team to get to the starting line…not to mention the finish line! What a great race!

My Personal Odyssey

I’m sentimental about this event because it was in training for my first RTO that I realized running was no longer just a hobby, it had become a lifestyle. My friend had invited me to be on her team and I thought she was absolutely insane…especially when I discovered that I was the oldest on the team and was, in fact, old enough to be mother to some of my teammates!

In the middle of training that year, my husband became critically ill from surgical complications and was hospitalized for the better part of a month. He fully recovered, but because I spent most days with him as he recuperated, it didn’t take long for me to realize I needed to run. And I don’t mean just that I felt it was necessary to keep up with training. I mean, I needed it for my soul, for my own well being. Running had ceased to be something I did, It had become part of who I am.

I do plan to give updates from the RTO. Ideally I’d love to provide real(ish)-time reports. But when one is not running, the priorities are usually (a) to support whoever is running and (b) to sleep. So my updates may be retrospective.

In the meantime, leave your comments or send me an email. When did running become a lifestyle for you? Or, what do you think it would take to make it so?

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