Memorial Day Trail Run: Opt Outside

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This morning Desert Sky Adventures co-hosted the monthly Run & Brunch with Bighorn Racing. The theme was #OptOutside, and in lieu of the usual neighborhood run, this time we met at the trailhead for the Steamboat Ditch Trail. I think I’ve only run this part of the trail twice, both in times of severe drought. Last winter’s snowfall decidedly ended the drought, so this run of the trail offered a brand new experience for me.

Also, I ran mostly without music, as I’m trying to make more of a habit these days. It was a thrill to enjoy the sounds of nature around and below us as we traced the hillsides inward and outward. Even as the morning sun rose higher and hotter, a light breeze met us as we rounded the last switch back and accompanied us to the finish. It was blissful.

Discovering and Sharing

As I was taking it all in, it occurred to me how long I lived in Reno before I even knew – or cared – that these trails and views existed. That would be, oh, 19 years. And if not for running, I may still not know about them.  It made me a little sad to think that our lifestyle choices back then interfered with giving my family these types of experiences. But, hindsight is what it is, and there is plenty to be discovered and shared.

By the way, running is not a requirement for such adventures. I would encourage everyone, everywhere, to #OptOutside occasionally. Get out there and discover what your community, your area, your little nook in this world, has to offer.

Memorial Day Trail Run: Opt Outside

Here’s my Fitbit snapshot from today’s run. I forgot to start my Fitbit and actually put in 6 miles. My intention was to do 3 0r 4 miles tops. But nature enticed me and I was feeling good, although I forgot about the 20 degree rule and was regretting my decision not to wear shorts. It was overall a lovely morning with friends and the perfect way to spend the holiday!

What discoveries have you made in your area lately? Or, what may be holding you back from opting outside? I’d love to hear from you!


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