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It’s time to be real. I mean, that’s why I started this blog in the first place.

Not that I haven’t been “real” up this point. I’ve been sharing information from my own experiences and from folks who know a heck of a lot more about running than I do. And that will continue.

But I don’t only want to share information. I want this to be a space where anyone who has questions, or doubts, or stories – about running, about simply moving, about life – can feel at home.

Five years ago, I didn’t know that I would love running and be able to do the things I do now. I knew I needed to move and exercise. I also knew from past experience that a gym membership alone wasn’t going to cut it for me.

When I made an attempt to run and saw that I could, my confidence absolutely soared. I went from feeling like a loser smoker to feeling like a badass runner! No, it didn’t happen with the first run. Not even close. As with most everything in life, there was (and still is) lots of trial and error, and sometimes baptism by fire! The point was that I could no longer tell myself I couldn’t do it. Because I had proven otherwise.

Really, I don’t expect everyone to love running. I certainly didn’t expect to love it. But it matters to me to share my stories because maybe, just maybe it will help someone else do more than they ever thought they could. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and learning to push yourself beyond what you think you can do feels sooooo good!

My Diary

So I’m sharing my Diary with you. You’ll see ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, cheers and insecurities. I may not write an entry for every run, but I’ll at least share my Fitbit snapshots. With times and everything. To quote the great Scooby Doo, “Reeping it Real!” And I invite you to help keep it real with your comments.

Saturday, May 27

Yesterday is a great place to start. I met up with members of my Reno Tahoe Odyssey (RTO) team to do Leg 34. K, who organized the get-together, is one of the team’s fastest runners. And evidently she is not a morning person, because she planned it for 10 a.m., with the intent to enjoy post-run brunch at Peg’s, a favorite local restaurant. As it turned out only three of us showed up; K, E and myself. E is another of our team’s fastest runners. So I apologized in advance for potentially slowing them down; K offered to run my pace with me (which would have been painful for her, I think) and E joked he wasn’t out to set any records that day.

We had modified the leg for our purposes to include Peg’s as the finish point, and so as not to extend the run by too much more, K suggested we start at a different spot, the local high school. On the way to the high school, we re-evaluated and decided instead to start at the parking lot of a local shopping center. So while our intent was to run the 5.8-mile Leg 34, we ended up running our own version, sub-3 miles.

Which was just as well. K and E took off, leaving me in the dust. I had to chuckle because I am used to being one of the slower runners in the group. But as I approached the end of mile 1, I couldn’t understand why I started tiring so quickly. It could have been the heat of the day, though it wasn’t terribly hot and there was a nice breeze. Maybe it was the Charley horse that had been nagging me all morning – the one that had thrown me out of the bed the night before and still ached a bit…but strangely, it wasn’t hurting me while running. My breathing seemed heavier and I was burning energy quickly.

As I got about half a mile from our destination, I saw K running back to join me. I urged her to go on ahead and maybe reserve a table. I would be along eventually. She stayed with me and cheered me on, as good friends do, We sprinted the last 100 meters or so and I was spent. We did our stretches while we waited for a table, enjoyed our late breakfast, and parted ways.

When I got home, I checked my Fitbit app for my mile splits and learned why my energy depleted so quickly. I ran my first mile in 9:38. (my average time is around 10:30…okay, 11:00!) I must have subliminally planted the message in my own brain that I needed to try to keep up with K and E, and even as they disappeared over the horizon, tried to maintain a faster pace than I normally would.  Obviously I slowed way down in the second mile; partly to consult my map to be sure I was going the right direction. But it’s nice to know I’m capable of running that fast, even if it’s only for one mile!

Time to Be Real

Sunday, May 28

This morning Maddie, Milo and I joined up with the Sunday morning group at Reno Running Company. After I checked in, we set out on the 3-mile route. It was clear about halfway that it was really too hot for M&M to be running, and I stopped to give them some water. Maddie plopped down on the grass, which is a sure sign. We were literally 1.5 miles from where we started, so 3 miles was inevitable.

Some of my two-legged friends caught up to us and we started running with them…and poor little Milo got dragged on his little tush again! (At least this time it was only a couple of feet, at the most!) We took it easy the rest of the way, and ran in the shade when we could. M&M enjoyed lots of water and attention when we arrived back at the store! Here’s our post-run selfie.

Time to Be Real

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Shelley is a wife and mom who loves to spend her time running and writing.

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