Five Things to Love about Running

Five Things to Love about Running

This week is my five-year Runniversary! On Mother’s Day 2012 I ran in my very first 5K, and life as I knew it has not been the same since. I’m happy to say I’ve never looked back

To commemorate five years as a runner, I’ve decided to share the top five reasons I love running:

1. I’m healthier at 50 than I was at 30.

Seriously! Cigarettes no longer have a place in my life or in our home. And okay… I may be carrying a few more pounds, but the truth is I’m within my healthy weight range and I do pay more attention to what I eat and drink. I definitely consume more water and fewer diet sodas throughout a given day. And I enjoy a much better quality and quantity of sleep.

2. Runners are some of the most generous people in the world.

While I started out running on my own, I quickly found the running community to be the most generous people I’ve met. They will encourage you, support you, cheer for you, give you great advice, stay by your side during the lows and celebrate with you during the highs.

3. Running is for the dogs.

Running is something I can share with my dogs; and the fact that I usually run with them in the mornings makes them extra happy to see me when I roll out of bed. It’s the ideal way to start my day, and sets them up for a lazy day of staying out of trouble!5 Things to Love about Running

4. Shoes.

Running gives me a great excuse to buy new shoes at least twice a year. What other pastime (other than retail therapy) actually encourages frequent shoe shopping. And where else could you get away with wearing those neon orange kicks?

5. Speaking of therapy…

Running gives you the opportunity to get “out of the box” and think things through. Lots of problems are worked out and ideas are born during a run. And you have the added bonus of knowing you’re doing something good for yourself. Running is something you can and should do at your own pace. As my friend Michael said, “Running does not judge us, rather it accepts us every time we go.”

Running continually surprises me; I’m always discovering something new to love about it, and something new about myself and what I am capable of doing. After that first 5K five years ago, I set a new goal to run a 5K race every month. I never dreamed that someday I’d ever run one half marathon, let alone achieve the goal of four half marathons per year.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned through running, it’s “never say never”. Some things that sounded impossible five years ago don’t seem so far-fetched today. I can’t wait to see what lessons my 10-year Runniversary brings!

Author: Shelley English

Shelley is a wife and mom who loves to spend her time running and writing.

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