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Wogging Along with Wendy Brinkman – The Drippy Diva

Wendy BrinkmanWendy Brinkman was just setting out on her new fitness journey.

She began it for many reasons, but the top reason was for her health.

Then, eight months into her venture, she got the diagnosis.


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Gift ideas for your favorite runner

Gift ideas for your favorite runnerLooking for gift ideas for your favorite runner?

(Shameless plug. It so happens that the the KeepMoving shop is up and running. How about a #ShePersisted shirt, jacket or cap?)

For more ideas, we recently conducted an informal social media survey to find out what’s at the top of runners’ lists. Here’s what we found out: Continue reading “Gift ideas for your favorite runner”

Does exercise boost the immune system?

does exercise boost the immune system?Does exercise boost the immune system?

No matter where you live, this cold and flu season has been brutal. It seems that everyone in my office has had the flu in the last couple of months, and had a few days out of work because of it.

Knock on wood, everyone but me.

As this realization began to dawn on my coworkers, they eyed me with suspicion. “What is your secret?” they asked. “Why haven’t you been sick? What are you doing that we aren’t?” Continue reading “Does exercise boost the immune system?”

Do one thing every day that scares you

Quote-Eleanor Roosevelt

Molly Sheridan: How Far Can She Go?

How far can she go?When Molly Sheridan decides to do something, she doesn’t do it halfway.

In a few short years, she went from being an event planner and mom of three, to becoming an ultra marathon runner, race director, coach, motivational speaker and CEO/Founder of her own company, Desert Sky Adventures.

It all started with a marathon

Not only did Molly start running at age 48, she started from “nothing. Zero,” in her words.

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